New Audiences

Increase ticket sales and track your return on investment (ROI)

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Increase Revenue

Increase ticket sales by marketing your event directly to new audiences ranked by their liklihood to attend.  

Lists of households and streets will be shared with you, so you know immediately where you should be targeting.

Powerful Analysis

Purple Seven analysis shows that 40% of audiences for any event are new to your venue. You must therefore have a solid focus on how to find and engage these new patrons.

New Audiences will help you meet and exceed targets and open the doors to increasing recency and frequency of these new attenders.

How It Works

Purple Seven has access to every household address in the country and uses its nationwide database of 300 million ticket bookings to uncover which households have the greatest likelihood to book for particular types of events.

Let us help ensure that every penny you spend is informed by core data and analytics at your fingertips.



You will receive:

  • A bespoke mapping dashboard of your core, primary and secondary catchment areas by spend

  • Detailed analysis of the expected audience in your catchment areas, ranked by greatest oppertunity 

  • 5K households that have the highest likelihood of booking for your event (Silver and Gold)
  • Additional households can be purchased in bulks of 1,000
  • Audiences are ranked and scored against our Arts Dimensions database of 16m
  • COMING SOON - track all sales from your campaign within Vital Statistics to monitor your ROI 
* Please note all prices are exclusive of UK VAT.


Bronze Campaign


Silver Campaign


Gold Campaign


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